Dr. Jay, where dental technology meets old fashioned care.

Our Mission

We believe that gentle and caring dentistry isn't just a goal, it's a must. When we say "family dentistry" we really mean that you become part of our practice family. We take time to get to know you, your needs, your concerns, and what we need to do as your dentist to make sure your experience is a good one. All procedures are explained clearly as well as all options for treatments.
To give you the best treatment possible, we use the latest dental technology. Read more about how our technology can make your experience during and after your procedures a better one.
We hope that these, mixed with a more personal touch, will make us your dentist for many years.
Dr Jay has been providing excellent dentistry in San Francisco, since 1990

Our Promise

  • We will take the time you need, to answer any questions you have, so you feel comfortable
  • Gentle and caring dentistry. You are why we are here, so you are the most important part of any appointment
  • We offer Nitrous Oxide to relieve anxiety
  • For patients of record, we offer 24x7 emergency
  • We use digital x-rays for less radiation exposure and quicker diagnosis
  • We offer Bose noise cancelling headphones and an iPod so you don't have to hear the drill (or you can use your own device)
  • We are very family friendly. Bring your kids to your appointment, we will look after them for you